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Gum Diseases

a. Gingivitis

b. Periodontitis


 a. Gingivitis is a pathological condition of the gums. Symptoms such as bleeding, change of color and texture of the gum are typical of this inflammation. The gums acquire a deep red color and are smoother and swollen. Even bad breath, change in taste and sometimes mild pain or itching may exist.

It is usually caused by poor oral hygiene and plaque existence because of incorrect brushing.

But it can still be caused or favored by other general factors, such as certain diseases like diabetes, leukemia, anemia, vitamin deficiencies or other conditions that can burden the organism, such as taking certain medications, overwork, pregnancy, etc.

b. Periodontitis is a disease which occurs as a consequence of gingivitis, if not treated promptly. In this case, the inflammation has expanded to the bone, beneath the gingival. The gums become detached from the teeth and pockets are created into which food remainders and microbes are accumulated. Therefore, local inflammation is caused resulting in osteolysis, i.e. the dissolution of the bone that supports the teeth. Thus, teeth gradually lose their support and gain mobility, which increases as the disease worsens. In the final stage of the disease we unfortunately have loss of teeth, which can often be quite healthy. A very important fact is that this whole process, which may even lead to the tragic loss of teeth and usually lasts for years, is treacherous without severe pain or other symptoms and therefore, it can often escape the patient’s attention, who usually realizes it when it is already too late.