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Paedodontics deals with the prevention and treatment of children’s dental problems.

In the mouth of a child initially there are only milk teeth, and as the child grows, after the age of 6, the permanent teeth start appearing in the mouth until the permanent dentition is complete approximately at the age of 12.

Milk teeth are necessary, not only because they give a beautiful smile, but also because they contribute to the proper development of the jaws and ensure proper chewing and speech. Their presence in the mouth is, therefore, very important, for all these reasons, until the time of their normal apoptosis. Their early loss may even create problems in the emergence of the successor permanent teeth and lead to future need for orthodontic intervention.


Modern dentistry has many ways to prevent problems in children, so that they have strong teeth and gums, without the need for laborious treatments. From an early age, usually after the age of 5, children should visit the dentist and be placed in a preventive monitoring program, which includes:

a. Frequent checking of the teeth and gums

b. Fluoridation for strengthening the enamel

c. Placing of sealants for preventing dental caries

d. Teaching and learning the correct way of brushing

e. Instructions and tips for proper nutrition